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Track address: 60 Howard Road near Silk Road - Fulton, NY 13069

 All Track fuel must be purchased at:

KWIK FILL, 2718 State Route 3, Fulton, NY, 13069

and it must be 89 Octane. 

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Rookie / New Member FAQ's

Where do I buy a car?

You will need to own your own car.  You can order a new car from a Quarter Midget Chassis Builder or buy a used car.  There are great used cars, parts and equipment on the club website under ‘Classifieds’, Facebook groups such as “Quarter Midget Classifieds – Northeast”, Craigslist, Racing Junk, etc. Contacting current members is always a great place to start as well. Both cars and safety equipment are required to race.

What safety equipment do I need?

Safety equipment requirements:  Helmet, full firesuit, arm restraints, neck collar or neck restraint device (i.e. hans device), gloves, race receiver w/ear buds.  All requirements can be found in Section 726 of USAC rulebook document Appendix I – Technical Specs. USAC25.COM

What tires do I run?

Rookies are exempt from the tire rules, and can run whatever tires they wish. Once graduated from rookie and in competitive classes, tire rule per Section 703-F of USAC Appendix I – Technical Specs, will apply.

What does my car need to weigh?

Car/Driver combined weight = 250 lbs for both red and blue rookie divisions.

What fuel do I run?

There is no fuel rule for rookies, however motor builders recommend 89 octane pump gas.  Once in a competitive class, 89 octane pump gas either from the spec station or track fuel purchased at the track will be required.

How do I join the club?

Visit There are 2 registrations required. One is for USAC, one is for OCQMC.  Payments can be made online through Paypal or you can print out the registrations and mail in with a Check.  You DO NOT have to wait for your USAC Member ID Numbers to join OCQMC.

Why do I have to join USAC?

Our track is sanctioned by USAC and abides by USAC’s rules. Your USAC registration allows you access to race at any USAC sanctioned track.

Where do my OCQMC club dues go?

Property maintenance, taxes, insurance policies, water, propane, dumpster, supplies, track equipment, health permit, property lease, etc.

What are my club responsibilities once I join?

OCQMC is a non-profit, self-run organization.  Members are expected to help in concession stand, tower, maintain track, etc.  Each member is expected to contribute to the general operation of the club. Without this help, there is no club. Members are put in a rotating schedule for concession and tower duties. More members = less work…. so promote the club!

How do I setup my car?

Ask any member for a baseline setup, contact your chassis builder, or head to

I don’t know how my kid will do, can I try it first?

Absolutely! OCQMC hosts a “Promo Day” or “Arrive-n-drive”, each year. By signing a waiver, and paying a small fee, your child will be fitted into a quarter midget and allowed to run test laps around the OCQMC track.

What motor do I run?

Rookies at the OCQMC run the Honda GX 120 motor, per USAC specs/rules.

What class/division will my kid start in?

Kids 4 1/2 are eligible to attend rookie training and practice on the track but just not race until they turn 5. Kids ages 5 and up are eligible to race competitively. There are two levels of Rookies.  All kids regardless of age must start with a Red restrictor plate. Once they have completed the Red Rookie requirements they move up to a Blue Rookie class with a Blue restrictor plate before being allowed to race in a Competitive class.

1. The Rookie program is divided into two phases:

a. The initial Red Rookie phase is intended to orient the child with safety, communication and racing procedures so that they understand what is expected of them before they enter the track, while on the track and leaving the track. The training is outlined in Section 3702. When Red Rookies have displayed their understanding of these basics, they move to phase two of the Rookie training.

b. The secondary Blue Rookie phase is to obtain experience in racing with others at a faster speed and to gain confidence in the car and their abilities.

2. There is no age differentiation between Red and Blue Rookies, as all ages must pass through each phase.

3. Rookie drivers will not be eliminated from races for receiving multiple driving infractions (STRIKES). (Section 3704-E)

4. A Rookie driver must participate in at least three events before graduating to a competitive class. One of these three events must be in the Red Rookie class. (Section 3705-B)

What is a typical race day like?

The track is open for practice as soon as all safety gear is on the track.

’s typically are from 9am to 10am

Controlled practice starts at 10am. Each class receives 2 minutes of track time. This doesn’t seem like a lot, but at 6 to 8 seconds per lap, that’s an average of about 18 laps. This provides you the data you need to make any adjustments you might see fit. i.e.) gear changes, setup changes.

Once controlled practice is over, a brief driver/handler meeting is held in the hot chute (track entrance) to go over club related items such as upcoming events, racing related items, reminders, club activities, etc.

Heat and Feature races follow the driver/handler meeting.

When can I practice?

If you are current on your memberships (USAC and OCQMC), and are in good standing with the club, you will be given a key to the gate, and are allowed to practice any time you wish. Please remember to get a fire extinguisher from the tech shed and place it by the track while you practice, and sign the practice sheet in the tech shed.

What number will my car be?

In quarter midget racing, we use paper numbers that are taped to the left side of the car, and both sides of the tailcone. Numbers are supplied by the track, and are available in the tower. Your number will more than likely change each race. See OCQMC rulebook for further info. Heat starting positions are based on handicap of last 3 races. Feature race starting positions are based on heat finish position.

June 6th & 7th: Track Prep Weekend
It's time to Open the Track!
Thank you to all our volunteers who have already started work at the track. There's so much left to do!
Let's all join them - Bring your weed eaters, drills, hammers, and elbow grease to help get the facility in tip-top shape for the 2020 season.
Your kids are depending on you!
Punch Your Ticket to Race Day by Helping Out:
  • Mow the grass
  • Weed eat around buildings, fences and light poles
  • Repair the Temporary Fence with additional posts and zip ties
  • Clean the Restrooms
  • Clean the Concession Stand
  • Clean the base of the Tower
  • Repair Track Walls
Saturday June 6th @ 8 AM
Sunday June 7th @ 9 AM
Remember, Members must help out with track opening as part of club duties. We hope to see you there!
Click a day to tell us when you'll be there!
Check in with Interim President Joe Hawksby, Sr when you get there - Don't be shy! He doesn't bite!

Volume 01 | May 2020
Family Racing News
"Volunteers are not paid - not because they are worthless but because they are priceless"
We are reaching out to you, our race families to help us make our club a more memorable and successful organization for the kids.
Nominations for Vacancies
At this time, we are accepting nominations for the role of President of the Board of Directors. All nominations are due to the club by email at no later than June 7th. Voting for this position will take place at the Board meeting on July 8th. You must be a full family member to vote.
We are also taking nominations for an anticipated vacant Board of Director position. Again the nominations are due to the club by email no later than June 7th. If there is a vacancy, voting will take place at the Board meeting on July 8th.
We also are in need of a Concession Stand Manager. This person(s) will need to make sure there is adequate stock in the stand for each race or event as well as work with the club to ensure there is proper coverage on race day. If this is a role of interest to you, please email the club. The concession stand is a great fundraiser for our club with the funds used to help with driver’s gifts, fun activities as well as normal operations of the organization.
New Fence #1 Priority
We need a post hole auger for a skid steer & people to work together to get the fence up. This is the number 1 priority for club this spring. Contact Interim President Joe Hawksby Sr @ (315) 481-6826 or Vice President Chris Lupa @ (315) 591-5307 if you can help!
Memberships Due Now!
If you have not done so already it is important that you get your memberships sent in by May 31st! We do not want you to miss out and once we get the green light very soon we need to be ready.
I Just Wanna RACE!
So much time and so little to do. Wait a minute. Strike that. Reverse it.
 -- Willy Wonka (Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory)
We have TONS to do at the track! You want to race? We ALL need to do our part!
From cleaning the concession stand to replacing track walls, there are a lot of jobs to get our facility ready for Race Day. Coming together in small groups we can knock out these jobs in record time.
To do YOUR part, contact Interim President Joe Hawksby Sr @ (315) 481-6826 or Vice President Chris Lupa @ (315) 591-5307 to coordinate what needs to be done at the track and what YOU can do to help!
Track Sponsors
Signs, Signs, Everywhere There’s Signs!
It’s that time of year again! Each year, we seek sponsors for the track to support the club’s mission putting kids first. We hang Sponsor Signs on the track fence to promote them. If you got a sponsor in the past, please contact them again for the 2020 season. If you know of a CNY Business that believes in our mission - New sponsors are always welcome!
For a list of 2019 Sponsors or Questions? Contact the treasurer, Tammy
Make your Mark on YOUR Club
This year we are asking every family to pitch in. Race Day is not the only day the club is active – we are busy nearly every day of the year behind the scenes. We need YOUR help to keep us moving forward. We created a list of potential committees to share the load. If you have a talent and want to suggest using it to help the club – let us know! Speak up and help make the sure your child’s OCQMC experience is a fun and rewarding experience.
  • Promotions
  • Grounds
  • Fundraising
  • Banquet
  • Regional Race
  • Run Races
  • Summer Special Event
Each committee head will be a member of the Board of Directors but the Committee Members are you – the OCQMC members. Please contact Ashley or Tammy to volunteer for a committee.
NE Titan Tire Rule
The NE Titans Series has voted on a new tire rule starting with the 2020 season. The rule is as follows:
Only one set of right side tires is to be used for heat and A feature. You may run a different set of tires in lower mains.All tires are to be checked in and marked no later than scales after heat race (same as engine sealing/painting), failure to do so will put you at the back of the last race (tail of the lowest highest main). In case of a flat right side tire, you may not use a new (sticker) tire to replace a used one. All flat tires must be approved by the Race Director. In case of a damaged wheel, you may replace the bent wheel with a different wheel.